One Hip Hop Tidal Playlist Placement

One Tidal Hip Hop playlists placement.

Required genres: Hip Hop/Rap, R&B.

Playlists are the beating heart of the streaming service, and by featuring your track in there you’ll get visibilitylisteners, engagement and actual streams, which count towards your royalty payouts.

You will get back with a guarantee:

  • 2k – 4k monetizable  US, Europe based streams.
  • New listeners
  • Tidal rating points
  • Related tracks ranking
  • Organic increasing coverage
  • Audience engagement

Own Tidal promotion today, with our safe, legit and super easy to use service.

How does it work?

We generate traffic and delivery of streams directly through our playlist for all subscribers, through various advertising companies, using target music groups, blogs, partner’s music platforms and other ways of involving the target audience.

Delivery time:

Placement proof link: 2 Days.

Streams delivery: 3-6 Days.

$ 15