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Best tips to make your Spotify promo easy, fast, and Successful

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform in the world. Since 2008 it has changed the way we listen to music and basically has changed the whole industry. Its website says that Spotify is a “digital music, podcast and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators worldwide.”

But I’ll tell you that this platform is much more popular than any other existing one, and becoming popular on Spotify means building a successful future. It has 406 million listeners and is available in 184 markets worldwide.

No other platform like YouTube, SoundCloud, or even Apple Music has this huge amount of active users and can offer the opportunities Spotify offers.

So, let’s say you’re a real music genius, all your songs are like ear candies, and you decide you want the world to hear your tracks. Then you do what?

You go on Spotify.

At first, everything goes smoothly. 

Becoming an artist on Spotify is easy. Any singer can join the platform as an artist and verify their account. 

After that, you can also publish your songs and albums, inform your fans (if you already have a fanbase) about your new releases, and even about some upcoming events you’re planning. 

But what happens after that?

In no time, you’ll realize you don’t get the feedback your music deserves. Nobody shares your tracks, people don’t play your music, and it seems like the world still didn’t check out your masterpiece. 


Because you can be a genius at music creation, but you screw up at music promotion. 

If you’re reading this article, you want to know what are the best Spotify promotion rules and tips that will help you to reach out to millions of Spotify users, how to create an effective marketing strategy, build your fanbase, increase the number of plays, and how to deal with Spotify in general. 

And yeah, now I’ll tell you all you need to know. 

Spotify Music Promotion. How to build your followers.

The number of your streams or the playlists you were pitched in means nothing if you don’t have a number of your loyal fans. Because once you don’t have people who are interested in your art, even if you get on some playlist and create some buzz around your track, this short time popularity will mean nothing if new people will not stay with you. What really matters is engagement. Engagement is as important as stream. You must have  goal – increase the engagement across the platform. 

So yeah, when it comes to organic Spotify promotion, you can see how successful it is by the number of your active followers

There are a few reasons why you must care about your fanbase. They push you and help you become bigger in the «Spotify Universe.»

How does Spotify understand you deserve its attention?

Through three main factors:

Release Radar. The release radar is a weekly playlist that is created specifically for each user based on their listening preferences and followed artists. If you’ve been successful in making your fans follow your profile, you’ll probably appear in their release radar playlists. 

Discover weekly. Every Monday, a new section called “Discover Weekly” emerges in both the main tab and the discover area of the Spotify app. Should I say you’ll appear there if the person follows you?

New release emails. Every Friday, Spotify also sends its subscribers an email 

with new releases from up to 10 of the artists they follow.

Building a following is essential for effective Spotify promotion, as you can see, not to mention the effect it has on your credibility and relevance elsewhere. Spotify will only take you seriously when people start following you, and your tracks will appear on their release radar and discover weekly.

Join Spotify for Artists for the right Spotify Promo

The platform offers many bomb features and tools that can be very helpful for your promotion.

But the first thing you gotta do when joining Spotify is to claim and verify your profile. For someone, it may seem obvious, but believe me, there’re so many situations when people upload their music to Spotify without claiming their profiles.

Well, once you’re on Spotify for artists, you have to take care of your profile. You really have to upload at least a high-quality image, a catchy and informative bio, connect it with all your other social media profiles, etc. 

Besides that, pay attention to other sick features like an Artist pick, create an artist playlist, add a Fan Support link, or use the In-Focus tool, and a lot more. 

  • The In Focus Tool. 

This is a new tool Spotify has created for artists. There are millions of people who haven’t heard your music yet. So In Focus is basically your interactive career companion. You can choose any area you’re interested in, from recording to revenue, and it will give you all the tools, recommendations, resources, and even tactics to help you achieve your goals.  

  • A Fan Support link.

This feature raise funds from fans on Spotify. You can fundraise for yourself, for your team, or for any organizations you want to support. Spotify doesn’t take a cut from the money you raise, so it all can go to you or the organization you want it to go to. This is a brilliant way to support artists or any charity organization you may choose. This feature can create a good connection between you and your listeners.

  • The Canvas feature

Visuals and music have always gone together. 

For a successful Spotify promotion, you may add visuals to your songs using Spotify’s Canvas, and it will up the level of engagement for your music. No wonder so  many artists are using it. I advise you to get to grips with Canvas, as it might change a lot for you. 

  • Artist Pick

A terrific approach for an organic Spotify promotion. «Artist Pick gives you control over the music at the top of your artist profile.» The feature on your profile will draw your follower’s attention. Whether it is one of your favorite playlists, your most recent release, an album you’ve been crazy about lately, etc. 

You may also include a brief explanation of your decision. 

It’s a fantastic method to communicate and interact with your followers even more.

  • Spotify Ad Studio

You can develop and manage your own ads that run on the streaming service using Spotify Ad Studio, its advertising platform. 

You can choose to target fans of a certain artist or of your genre if you want to be more precise with your targeting. Understanding your audience is crucial at this point since it will help you target them more successfully.

Sure, there’s much more on Spotify for artists that you’ll have to check out. But now, let’s move to other tips outside the platform that will help you with Spotify music promotion.

Embed the button on your website 

If you want your Spotify promo to be effective, you will use this advice and add the follow button on your website to increase the number of followers.

Email newsletter 

Ask your email list to follow you in an email that you send out. Describe the advantages. You will be surprised to find out how many fans don’t really realize why it’s cool to actually follow the artist on Spotify. How to get emails for a mailing list? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you one tip on how to do it.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Collaboration is among the best marketing strategies not just on Spotify but everywhere. 

Do you even realize that successful collaboration can be tremendously advantageous to both artists because it exposes them to each other’s fan bases? If your name appears on a track on Spotify, listeners can click on it to learn more about you.

However, it’s essential to consider how the partnership fits within your artistic narrative. Everything you do should be aligned with the brand and image you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Collaborations don’t always mean you have to work on a single together; they can also involve being highlighted on one other’s playlists, promoting each other’s music on an Instagram story, or even utilizing the artist pick I have previously stated.

So use your imagination, go out, and start building your network.

Promote on social media – Distribute the same message across all of your social media channels. Tell people to follow you. Ask them to follow, share, and like your tracks rather than just sharing them and hoping they will get some plays. 

Mention your music and artist profiles to your friends, family, and followers on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, TikTok, etc. 

Consider this to be a free Spotify promotion service. In the past, people would pay a lot of money to inform their fans when a new song was available. Instead of just sharing your tracks, encourage folks to follow you. 

Keep in mind that gaining followers on Spotify is essential for improving your engagement and being noticed by the algorithm.

Additionally, when you’re posting your songs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can create a Spotify player, enabling followers to listen to your music right away (and this will boost your Spotify stats.)

Remember that social media platforms are an excellent way to connect with curators, music bloggers, and influencers. You will build your above-mentioned network with those who can help spread the word about your music – some TikTok influencer might just be the one to give your upcoming release the boost it needs to go viral.

Concerts and festivals Spotify promotion

Another feature that Spotify offers to help musicians succeed is the concert tab on each artist’s profile. Spotify assists artists in promoting both their virtual and live events.

Furthermore, Spotify has partnered with Ticketmaster, Songkick, StageIt, NoCap, Mandolin, and to add virtual events, which have become increasingly popular recently.

In addition, Spotify will add your event (live show or virtual show) to its mailing list and send an email to your fans and your potential fans. 

Spotify Promotion. How to get more streams?

Even though all the tips and features mentioned above are also very useful for increasing the number of your plays, here are a few more effective tricks for getting more streams on Spotify:

Create your own playlist. On Spotify, you can boost your visibility by making your own playlists. Your streams will rise in number as your presence does. You can put your favorite artist’s tracks and add some of your own music to that playlist. Make it personal. Something that matches your vibe and inspires you.

Make your brand image. If you want extra streams, you must focus on creating your brand across all your social media channels, not just Spotify. Create your own picture, something unique and matching your music.  People will start recognizing you on social media, which will boost your streams.

Share your Spotify link on social media. We’ve already figured it out. Social media sites are a great way to connect with your followers and attract new ones. Why would you wait if you can increase the likelihood of gaining more streams by sharing your Spotify link on other social media platforms? Start right away!

Follow the fans of similar artists. Try to identify and find artists who are similar to you but who have received more media attention and promotion. This way, you won’t have to spend too much time learning where your potential fans are located since they’ve already found them for you. They are likely to see your posts and enjoy the content you’re posting, so they will follow you back if you start following them and will be streaming your tracks. No cap, it really works.

Learn more about your stats. Without looking at your metrics, it might be difficult to maximize the impact of your Spotify music promotion efforts. The dashboard for Spotify for Artists allows you to see all of these. Your stats give you information about the popularity of your songs. You can see where your plays come from, your monthly listener data, how listeners find your music, the cities from which they are streaming, as well as demographic information like the ages and genders of your listeners. All of this information is really helpful in understanding your audience.

Spotify Playlist promotion.

Getting your music on Spotify playlists is crucial for all artists, especially for those who are at the very beginning of their careers. You can basically put your music in front of millions of potential loyal fans. But how can you get there?

As getting on a Spotify playlist is one of the most beneficial things, it’s also one of the challenging things. Everyone wants more streams and more exposure.

On Spotify, editorial playlists are the most popular ones. Hence, they’re the hardest ones to get into. If an artist is able to place a song on one of these playlists, it can have a significant impact on his or her career as a musician.

What should you know about pitching to those playlists?

Only unreleased tracks are acceptable for pitch.

If you’re the lucky one, the track will be accessible on your Spotify for the artist’s upcoming releases once you’ve posted it and Spotify has approved it. Songs should be uploaded before their official release. The earlier you pitch, the better your chance of being heard by Spotify’s curators, who listen to thousands of songs daily. Try to do this at least seven days (read one month) before to your scheduled release date. Yes, officially, you can pitch a song seven days before the release. But this time is not enough, so it’s better to do it in one month. And don’t forget, you can submit just one track for each release.

Use DistroKid’s “HyperFollow” for your Spotify playlist promotion.

Hyperfollow is the name of the Pre-save landing page built by Distrokid. This enables users to pre-save the release of your track so that when it becomes available, it will be instantly added to their Spotify library. What is so unique about this feature is that people who register will immediately follow you on Spotify. You also get the email address of everyone who has Pre saved your track.  This is a brilliant tool for attracting new subscribers to your mailing list.

Pitch your music to Curated Playlists

Pitching to blogs, playlist curators, and music magazines before and after a release is key to building your audience.

Search for blogs that fit your genre of music and then contact them via email or social media, and ask them if they would consider featuring your song(s).

It’s essential to pitch your released or unreleased tracks to curated playlists and blogs. Curated playlists go right after editorial, but it’s a bit easier to get on those ones. But if you want your pitch to be successful, you must find the right playlists for your music.

Find playlists and blogs with the music you like, then contact them via email or social media to ask if they would consider promoting your song (s).

Featured curators.

To give its consumers the finest music experience possible, Spotify is always overflowing with innovative and unique content. Spotify is now, however, taking a closer look at playlists made by its users and influencers.

In April, Spotify began testing the Featured Curators pilot, which would spotlight both Spotify-created playlists and editorial playlists. 

This means what? It means that some curated playlists will be even more promoted by Spotify and will become popular. These are great news. As for beginners, it’s much easier to get on Curated playlists than on Editorial ones. So pitch to curators daily, find more and more playlists and try to get on them.

Algorithm triggering trick.

The information that Spotify receives from its users informs influences the algorithm. 

The platform constantly monitors how its users interact with various musical genres, artists in order to provide them with more music they might enjoy. The Spotify algorithm collects both positive and negative signals to help it decide which music to recommend to users.

Spotify will start recommending your music to new listeners if it receives mostly favorable and only a few negative reviews.

Guess what one of the most important positive indications you can get is. Exactly when the algorithm sees your track added to a new playlist.

Although you have no control over whether your music is included in algorithmic or editorial playlists, you can get in touch with the owners of user-created playlists and ask them to include your music in the playlists.

And last but not least little tip about playlists. Share ANY playlist you’re featured on.

When you end up on any Spotify playlist, small or big, popular or not, share it as much as possible. This will help you to get more and more streams.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to tag the playlist curator. This will show them you’re grateful for their help and will help you to build a relationship with them.

And don’t worry if you won’t see the results in a very long time. For a free Spotify promotion it’s normal. Building your Spotify fanbase is not easy, and takes super long time. It might feel like you’re standing behind the locked door for a year or even more, but at some point it should get better. It will, if you do everything right. A successful career is all about your effort and patience. 

Promosound Spotify Promotion Service.

The next, and probably the best advice about music promotion I can give you, is to get help from a professional Spotify Promotion service.

Why would you get it? 

Every day 60k songs are uploaded on Spotify. Every artist truly believes that their track is special and must be noticed. But you know what? Yes, your track can be a real hit, but it’s gonna be tough to make people hear it.

So everyone is looking for the best and most effective ways to promote their music. That’s why the features available on Spotify are not always enough. You will need something more. Something effective, fast, and reliable. That’s why you have to consider working with a professional promotion company. With their assistance, you may benefit from the top music promotion tools and expose your tracks to a larger audience.

Promosound is one of the best and most reliable services in the industry. It can help you to develop a Spotify music promotion plan that fits your budget, music genre, and geographical location, which will help you get more recognition and build a larger fanbase.

If you’re looking for a Spotify premium promo, you need Promosound. This is a Spotify promotion service, and you need it now.

You can quickly and easily get what you need with Promosound.

Simply select your Spotify promotional package. Packages are excellent options because they offer a balanced number of plays, followers, saves, etc., and don’t require too much of your free time.  The service ensures varied levels of exposure. Just tell us what you want, and we will give it to you. If you don’t want to go get our packages, you can always select precisely what you want to advertise first, plays, playlist plays, playlist placement saves, promotional guides, or monthly listeners.

Unquestionably, Promosound is one of the greatest places to purchase Spotify promotion. We have been around for ten years. The fact that the company is controlled by veterans of the music industry is even more significant. You’ll feel secure and content knowing that someone with that level of experience and knowledge in assisting with promoting your music.

Look, you can get a high-quality promotion and assistance from an amazing support team. We can literally make you famous organically and in a short time. Don’t stand there and wait while others are fulfilling their dreams. You’ll become more popular and have a strong chance of being added to the platform’s official playlists. Plus, you’ll be able to track your campaign’s progress.

Our Spotify promotion service can significantly increase your exposure. Gaining streams, saves and followers is crucial if you want to gain success in the music industry. In Promosound, we assist musicians in promoting their music naturally on Spotify.

You may spend more time perfecting your skills in the studio and less time seeking contacts by utilizing our finest Spotify promotion service. We’ll take care of your promotion.

With Promosound, you’ll get on top of Spotify’s food chain.
And this is what you want, right?

In this article, I’ve tried to give you as many tips for a Successful Spotify music promotion. Some of them will work for you, some won’t. But overall, the thought and work you put into each release should pay off for you. Get your Promosound promotion, use your Spotify for Artists, never stop perfecting your profile, and remember that consistency and structure are essential.

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